Comprehensive Session $395 

If you have a handful of different ideas and want to try them all out, this session is for you. We will shoot in different settings and with different pieces of clothing or fabric. We will use different lighting scenarios and we can shoot both inside and outside. You bring your ideas and we will make them happen!

Simple Session $295

The simple session is designed for women who want beautiful photos, but really just want it to be about their changing body.  In this session, we may play with a few shifts of lighting and one or two pieces of clothing—or or no clothing at all—but won’t go outside or get into playing with lots of different set-ups.



When should I come?

Between your 32nd and 36th week you will be showing enough for photographs, but you won’t yet have reached that point where you are so tired that the session becomes a chore rather than a pleasure.


Will we shoot at your studio or at my home?

The session can be done at my studio or at your home

The studio is equipped with a bed, comfy chairs, lots of windows and lights, lots of fabric, backdrops, costumes and props. (It’s also a great neighbourhood for shooting outside!) On the other hand, only your home is your home and that may be the kind of intimacy you want. This is your session. Ultimately, the decision is yours.


What should I bring?

I have a ‘suggested list’ of items that you might want to consider bringing with you. I will send you this to you once your appointment is booked.


Could my partner come with me and be in the photos?

Of course, older siblings and partners are welcome, whichever session you choose.

Do I get to keep the photos?

You will get all of the RAW files from the session on a USB key. (This is the digital equivalent of getting your negatives.) I do not do any printing, however. I have several labs that I work with and will be happy to give you a recommendation for printing.